Godfreysofdundee.co.uk is a website dedicated to help people in various ways. The company works with major government bodies such as: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Environment and Public Works. 

"Your future on a firm foundation"

The company will be offering services such as Geogrids -auto grid, Asphalt reinforcement, scaffold netting, tarpaulins, market stall covers, sandbags, plastascrim, webbing, bedding and upholstery bas fabric, packaging products, PVC coated fabrics and carpet backings among several others.

GEOGRIDS - AUTOGRID - Therse are biaxally extruded Polypropylene Geogrid used as in groundwork basal reinforcement and stabilisation.
GEOGRIDS - SYMPAFORCE GEOGRIDS are PVC Coated Polyester Flexible Geogrids used in Basal reinforcement and as stabilising agents for steep slopes and embankments and in retaining walls.
ASPHALT REINFORCEMENT - These are Bitutex Geogrids which we use in road resurfacing applications to prevent reflective cracking from faults in the existing sub surface.
SCAFFOLD NETTING - This netting comes in various colours and widths with strengthened eyelet bands. A range of horticultural, agricultural and transport nettings is also available.
TARPAULINS - Laminated PE Tarpaulins will be available in a wide range of colours and grades from standard lightweight waterproof covers to heavy duty UV stabilised.
MARKET STALL COVERS - Strong UV stabilised 170gr/m2 in stripped combinations of various covers. Good quality and long lasting.
SANDBAGS - We have a couple of different sandbags with tie-strings suitable for flood protection, embankments or general road maintenance.
PLASTASCRIM - Plastascrim is a self-adhesive Glass Fibre Tape used as in plasterboard dry lining applications. WEBBING - Webbing for upholstery trade available to BSI standard.
BEDDING & UPHOLSTERY BASE FABRICS - We have these available in Cut Sheets to size or Rolls in various widths in black or beige.
PACKAGING PRODUCTS - Various effective and economical flexible packaging products including bias sewn woven pp tubing suitable for wrapping rolls of fabric or plastic piping products.
PVC COATED FABRICS - Various colours of PVC Coated Polyesters and Dipped Meshes available for Performance Textile solutions, Tarpaulins, Boat Covers, Sports Nets and equipment.
HESSIAN FABRICS - Hessian for Concrete curing frost protection, decorative, industrial and carpet backing applications among others.
JUTE SCRIM - Used as base fabric for fibrous plaster mouldings and comes in various widths.
GUTTER LEAF GUARD - Gutter protection for homes and businesses. 

We'd like to give you a little bit of information about our newest product; the Australian leaf guard. 

Products such as the gutter leaf guard are some of the important things that improve homes. When it rains the gutter is usually filled with water which is supposed to flow down either into a tank for one practicing water catchment or to flow down to be drained. So sometimes when the rain water fills the gutter and leaves also fall in there, the water clogs and drainage becomes hard. This makes cleaning the gutter to be more cumbersome in addition to the fact that stagnant water is a good habitation place for insects such as mosquitoes and the water may flow into your house causing server damages which may be expensive to repair or replace.

This unpleasant situation can be prevented by the use of gutter leaf guards which have an aluminum cover on top of the gutter prevent leaves and moss from entering the gutter and causing blockage of water. There are several different types of gutter guards including;

•    The bottle brush gutter guard – this has bristles inside the gutter that face upwards to prevent leaves from getting in.
•    The mesh gutter guards –the guard has small holes that only allow water to get in and keeps out leaves.
•    The reverse curve gutter guards – this type positions the water to flow downwards while directing the leaves to fall to the ground.
•    The foam gutter guards – it is made of plastic that fits properly into the gutter and also prevents leaves from getting in.
•    The nylon gutter guard – this type system is said to work well especially during the winter season because it has a unique design which prevents snow from building up or freezing in the gutter.

Find some other information on gutter problems here: http://www.houselogic.com/

We are also going to start looking into different buffalo grass types to begin the new service of turf installation. 

This is also a great video showing Asphalt Reinforcement: